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If you have a question not answered below don’t hesitate to e-mail us at info@groundupgenes.com or use the form on our Contact Page!


Do you have a e-mail list that offers deals and news of new releases?

Yes! You can signup below!


Freebies & Deals

Do you offer freebies and deals?

*Jug of Sweet, Red Liquid Bursts Through Brick Wall* “OHHHH, YEAHHHHH!!” We give freebies with every order! Please refer to our DEALS page for the most up to date information!

Where can I read about your current freebie testers available?

Journey on over to our Testers & Parental Lines for more information!

Do you offer loyalty rewards?

Yes, you earn about 5% back in rewards to use on future purchases! Simply create an account and they will accumulate! You can read more about them on our Loyalty Rewards Page.

Do you round up if my order total is close to the next freebie tier?

Yes, we will round up to the next freebie tier if you are within a few dollars of it ($2-3).

Does shipping costs count towards freebie tiers?

No, only the subtotal (after any discounts) will be counted towards the freebie tiers.


Which payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept payment via Credit/Debit cards, Bitcoin (BTC), Cash, & USPS issued Money Orders.

Do I have to sign up for extra accounts to pay with credit/debit?

Nope! No extra account sign up is needed to pay with credit/debit cards. There are no additional charges or fees.

Which type of debit/credit cards do you do you accept?

We accept American Express, Discover, Visa, & Mastercard.


How can I order?

Simply go over to our Store Page and you can add products and checkout from there!

I am not happy with my order, now what?

Firstly, please e-mail us at info@GroundUpGenes.com or reach out using our contact form. We are human and make mistakes, but are more happy to work with you to make it right! We want all good vibes here! We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Which countries do you ship to?

Shipping is currently limited to the USA.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is done via small USPS flat rate boxes, so the shipping price is equivalent to the current rate is for those to be mailed. We do generally have a special running for free shipping on orders over a certain dollar threshold.

How quickly will my order be processed?

Orders are generally sent out within 4-5 business days after payment is received! We know the itch of waiting for an order and don’t want you to wait long. Please note during sales and high volume times (e.g. Holiday Sales, our 4/20 sale) processing time can run 6-7 business days.

Strains & Breeders

Which Breeders do you offer?

We currently carry Ground Up Genes, Atlas Seed, Twenty20 Mendocino, & The Humboldt Seed Company!

Can I find all of the Auto-Flowers in one place?

Click here for all feminized auto-flowers!

Can I find all of the feminized photoperiods in one place?

Click here for all feminized photoperiods!

Do you have a listing of your testers/freebies?

Yes, we do! After many requests we have created their own listing for them. Please note you may not find all current freebies/testers on this listing.

What is OG #1, Blueberry #2, etc.?

These are the parental lines we are working out further generations to use in future crosses and as our donors for bring photoperiods to auto. OG #1 is derived from Night Owl’s Wizard’s Apprentice Regulars. OG #2 is derived from Wicked Pissahs OG Kush Regulars. Blueberry #1 is derived from Night Owl’s Blue Microverse Regulars. Blueberry #2 is derived from Wicked Pissah’s Blueberry Regulars. We have more in the process and will utilize them once we have further generations to work with!

What is the best way to contact us?

-E-Mail: info@groundupgenes.com

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Why am I still reading this FAQ page?

That is a good question, but one you must ask yourself.

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