The Future

Below you can find some of our plans for the future! Our number one goal right now is saving up to expand to a larger farm! Thank you for your support in making dreams come true!

Outdoor Auto-flowers

As lovers of sun-grown plants one of our long term goals is to develop a catalog of auto-flowers that respond well to an outdoor setting. Being from New England we see wet, humid summers where fighting bud rot and pests is a constant battle. We are gathering genetics of some of the most overall resistant photo-periods and auto-flowers and over several years will be growing them in less than optimal conditions to weed out genetics that are more susceptible to rot, mold and pests. We won’t have these overnight, but it is one of our main goals as we move forward.

Expand Auto-Regular Seed Choices

While we will certainly be making feminized seeds, one of our main goals is broadening the market of auto-flower regular seeds available. We want people to be able to complete home breeding projects and having access to male/female seeds makes this much more feasible. Self-sustainability is big to us! We will be releasing seeds along every step of the journey; please note some strains are limited edition and may not be released again so “get it while it’s hot!”

Commercial Auto-Flowers

We see a lot of potential for auto-flowers in the commercial setting from mid-season outdoor bumper crops to lessened expenses when it comes to nutrients and soil along with protection from late season pests and frost.

Genetic Preservation

We want to help preserve genetics of this wonderful plant to collect and spread them for all to enjoy. We like collecting seeds of all types from fruits to veggies to flowers. We are excited to help add to your collection!

Photo > Auto Projects

We eventually plan to be a nursery that offers clones to the general public, so the plan is to hunt through for the best mothers, offer these as clones while meanwhile bringing these chosen mothers to auto-flowering! This process can be tedious and take multiple years for a single strain. We usually use our favorites from 2-3+ different auto flower selections that would blend well with the photo-period parent to create a wide gene pool of offspring. From there we hunt through all of the offspring to see what blended best and then breed down further generations to create a fully auto-flowering version of the photo-period plant. We have plenty more new and old genetics we have been collecting and saving that we will hunt through eventually. If something tickles our fancy we will run with it! We are excited for what the future holds.

Genetic Research and Tissue Culture

Ultimately we want to build or refurbish a state of the art facility that we can really push the limits of the stress tests we put the plants through when breeding, on scale. Ironically the goal would be to create a perfectly imperfect grow scenario, eg high humidity or introduced pest species, to really push our cannabis breeding to the next level. We will be doing this alongside field scale breeding to be able to choose from the widest variety of pheno & chemotypes. We have also started exploring how tissue culture can be used to shave off time from each generation on our photo > auto projects & think there are some exciting possibilities there!

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