Testers & Parental Lines

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Parental Lines

What is OG #1, Blueberry #2, etc.?

These are the parental lines we are working out further generations to use in future crosses and as our donors for bring photoperiods to auto.

OG #1 is derived from Night Owl’s Wizard’s Apprentice Regulars.

OG #2 is derived from Wicked Pissahs OG Kush Regulars.

Blueberry #1 (BB#1) is derived from Night Owl’s Blue Microverse Regulars.

Blueberry #2 (BB#2) is derived from Wicked Pissah’s Blueberry Regulars.

We have more in the process and will utilize them once we have further generations to work with!

Do you offer free seeds with each order?

Ohhhhh, yeah! As collectors ourselves we have always loved free seeds with orders so we provide bonus freebies with every order!

Can I choose my freebies?

Since availability of seeds are limited we cannot honor specific requests for our freebies. That being said toss your request in the order notes and we will see what we can do :D! We do allow you to choose feminized or regular; just add it to your order notes!

How many freebies do I get?

Check out our DEALS page for all of the current freebies and deals as they oft change!

Current Bonus Freebies/Testers

Auto-flowering feminized:

  • Wizard’s Breath F2 (Roc Bud Grape Dosi Breath x OG #1)
  • Strawberry Blubarb (Mephisto Strawberry Nuggets x Blueberry #1 F5)

Auto-flowering regulars:

  • B.O.D. (Blueberry Orange Diesel) – Mephisto Orange Diesel x Blueberry #1
  • Blue Toof – Mephisto Ghost Toof x Blueberry #1
  • Blue Cheese Haze – Mephisto Northern Cheese Haze x Blueberry #1
  • Banana Blues – Ethos Banana Daddy Auto x Blueberry #1
  • Blueberry #2 (Derived from Wicked Pissah Blueberry)
  • Amnesia OG – Mephisto Fugue State x OG #2
  • Ethos Pina Auto x OG #2
  • Earth to Kush – Mephisto CDLC x OG #2
  • Mephisto Sour Stomper x OG #2
  • Gas Monkey – Mephisto 4 Assed Monkey x OG #2

Photoperiod Regulars:

  • In House Genetics Slurmint IX x IHG Slurrup
  • Promedz Peanut Cookies (Peanut Butter Breath x Tropicana Cookies) x IHG Slurrup

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