Seeds for needs

Giving Back

This program is intended for those who are want to escape bagseed, but cannot afford it. We just ask that you pay $10 for shipping and handling and we send you a nice pack of at least 7 seeds. These are a variety of all things we have bred, and even include some strains we are not releasing to the public. Please note these are mostly regular auto-flowers, but there are some photoperiod genetics mixed in from past projects! These are limited to one per order and if it is the only thing in your order it does not qualify for the bonus freebies. 

The seeds for this program come from three places. Firstly, we run a limited batch of sun grown plants each year that we selectively pollinate. Secondly we have learned that mistakes happen when harvesting, labeling and making packs. Sometimes we just have a few extra of a strain when packaging. We take all these “mistakes” or extras and put them in a big mixing pot to be given away here. Thirdly, we include pheno-types that do not match our goals for our project. Most of these plants were still extremely nice, they just didn’t have ALL of the qualities we were looking for in carrying forward new generations vs. their sibling(s) who did! We only have a limited amount of our seeds put aside for this program and do ask that you pay for shipping, but we hook it up the best we can!

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